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Hope for Haiti

“Even though we are not able to operate these days, we continue to offer our message of community, transparency and accountability to our people. We are especially concerned that our young people don’t lose hope.”–  Florcie Tyrell, OPODNE Executive Director

Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, has been rocked by violent protests that have led schools, public offices and businesses to close and forced non-governmental organizations to suspend operations. Gas costs $20/gal on the black market and inflation rages at 20% causing extreme hardship for Haitians who live on less than $2.50/day. Famine, hunger and poverty are increasing.  While their activities are severely restricted, OPODNE leaders have not given up hope. When possible, they are sharing the values the try to live every day through their organizations. In the past month, OPODNE Executive Director has been able to provide civic education classes to young people in some schools in the Northeast. They know a new generation of leadership is needed to provide short and long term solutions to the violence, corruption and poverty in Haiti. OPODNE is developing that leadership.

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