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National Day of Action for Haiti

Thursday, September 21
Join Haitian-Americans, religious leaders, local elected officials, and friends of Haiti in Washington, DC and across the U.S. to call on Congress to stand with the Haitian People by helping:

● Restore democracy in Haiti by ending U.S. support for the corrupt and anti-democratic regime ruling Haiti and supporting a Haitian-led transition
● Restore security in Haiti by stopping the flow of weapons and sanctioning collusion between gangs and Haitian elites
● Fight rising hunger in Haiti by supporting local Haitian farmers
● End abuse and discrimination against Haitian and other Black migrants

How you can participate:
● Come to Washington, DC for a big Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill – help reach our goal of 100 in-person meetings with Members of Congress.
● Even if you cannot come to DC, set up virtual meetings with your Members of Congress and their staff to focus on Haiti.

Learn more and sign up to participate.

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