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New Road in Mombin Crochu Is Being built by PICO Haiti Leaders

With support of Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean, OPODNE got a contract by the Ministry of Public Works (TPTC) to build a new road connecting Mombin Crochu to the Grand Savanne to improve transport of agricultural products. Many groups submitted a bid – and OPODNE’s Mombin Crochu Organizing Committee was chosen to manage this work.

The Organizing Committee has hired 88 members to build the road and are supervising 11 teams, with 70% men and 30% women participating. This project will last three months and provide income of about $3000 to the workers.

The senator asked TPTC to select OPODNE because of its reputation for integrity. It is one of the few organizations in the area with all its fiscal and administrative papers in order. Government officials are saying how impressed they are with OPODNE’s ability to organize people and achieve their goals.

This project creates temporary work and significant income for members in Mombin Crochu, and demonstrates how organized citizens can improve their community given the opportunity. The Organizing Committee is meeting regularly to plan, set goals, provide daily reports, and hold themselves accountable.

This is the second major project in Mombin Crochu. They also have a new partnership with the World Bank to launch a sorghum cooperative, which is on hold until national elections are completed.

Your donations and support will make a big difference in ensuring success for the economic development projects being led by PICO-Haiti grassroots leaders.

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