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OPODNE brings spirit of Ubuntu to reclaim democracy in Haiti

“The spirit of Ubuntu, that once led Haiti to emerge as the first independent black nation in 1804, … and inspired our forefathers to shed their blood for the United States’ independence, cannot die. Today, this spirit of solidarity must and will empower all of us to rebuild Haiti.” – Jean Bertrand Aristide, former President of Haiti

In August 2014, hundreds of leaders from villages across the Northeast Department came together at the invitation of Bishop Max Mesidor in a General Assembly to formally launch OPODNE. It was born in the spirit of Ubuntu and that spirit of solidarity live today as communities organize to rebuild Haiti. During the past four years, the Haitian government has become even more dysfunctional. Corruption, violence, environmental degradation, and poverty are growing. Leaders know that direct political organizing in this moment is not possible. In the midst of this storm, leaders have utilized Faith in Action organizing methods to build strong, self-reliant communities, finding way to establish fledgling economic development cooperatives, operating micro lending programs, and organizing self-help community improvement activities. They are emerging as a new generation of leaders who are models of transparent, accountable leadership dedicated to the common good. This month, twenty-five OPODNE clergy gathered to pray and to learn how to support this movement. We believe political and moral leadership will emerge in time from OPODNE and it will expand across Haiti and the Caribbean.

OPODNE is grateful for your investment in our organizing journey. We look forward to Ubuntu with our United States Faith in Action brothers and sisters and invite you to join our struggle to throw off the yoke of United States policies and once again secure independence for the black nation of Haiti. We believe we are stronger together as Faith in Action.

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