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San Juan Tepezontes Community Models Collaboration Needed To Reduce Violence

San Juan Tepezontes community models collaboration needed to reduce violence

What does it take to unify a community where young people and families are threatened with violence, extortion and intimidation on a daily basis? For three years, COFOA has gathered faith, community and public leaders around a “Dialogue and Strategy Table” to build relationship, share information and make commitments to one another. COFOA leaders from San Juan Evangelista Parish, with support of Fr. Martin Anzora, have organized community outreach, public education, and community service events involving thousands of people. Partners include representatives of institutions across the community: the mayor’s office, Caritas, Human Rights Office, National Police, family courts, school directors, youth agencies, community development groups, etc. The result is amazing: no homicides in the past three years, and a stronger community.

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