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Rusumo Community Clears the Land for Their Health Clinic

Rusumo is the newest member of the PICO-Rwanda family. Ten years ago, people built a small clinic that government officials took for another use. Using PICO training and the example of Mumeya, Kranganwa Malindogo is joining his neighbors to try again. They have completed more than 1000 community conversations, which affirmed the need for a health clinic – the nearest facility is several hours away. So far, they’ve collected 300 signatures of people who have pledged money and labor for construction. They negotiated with government leaders to secure land and gathered 14 tons of stones and cleared the ground for the clinic foundation. By the end of the year, Malindogo, his four children, and the families of Rusumo will have a clinic for education, family planning, and treatment for AIDs/HIV, malaria, and other diseases.

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