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Rwanda: Leaders Becoming Organizers 

Rwanda: Leaders becoming organizers 

“I have dreamed about this day when ordinary people are training others to organize their own communities and make government officials accountable.”-  Pr. John, PICO Rwanda Executive Director

PICO Rwanda leaders, Specioza, Ezra, and Poline are training communities to organize their labor and money and bring water to the clinic in Rusumo and build an elementary school near Mumeya. Now government and church officials want other communities to learn these skills. See pictures and read more about it here.

April 1994 marked the start of the genocide when 800,000 Rwandans were slaughtered. Twenty-five years later, PICO Rwanda is bringing Hutu and Tutsi, Christian and Muslim people together to build democracy, accountability, and economic opportunity. Click here to read more and watch a video of Pr. John training women in Kigali.

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