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Rwanda: PICO clinics are playing central role in addressing the pandemic

PICO Rwanda organizing is playing an important role in protecting the health of local communities. Through relationships they’ve built through organizing, leaders are able to check in on people, support prevention measures, and provide food for those without resources. Clinics in Mumeya and Rusumo are playing a significant role in addressing COVID-19. Because Rusumo lies close to the Tanzanian border, there are more cases in that community. The “Doc Taggart” clinic, completed just three years ago, is now the hub for public health teams reaching out to do testing and tracing in the community. In Mumeya, young people who are not in school are learning best practices to prevent the spread of coronavirus and how to take information back to their families. While the entire country has been in lockdown, Pastor John has been in communication through WhatsApp with leaders in Nyarabuye (a new organizing community just south of Akagara Park) about the need for a health clinic. Leaders have already secured the commitment of 1,040 people from seven villages to provide labor for the construction. They are now conducting research to find available land and other needed resources. As of May 5, there are only 212 cases of COVID-19 in Rwanda, no deaths, and 95 recoveries. The country is now relaxing strict quarantine and organizing may take on a more normal tone in a couple of months.

Please register here to join us for a Zoom Conference on May 22nd at 9 AM (West Coast time) to learn more about PICO Rwanda’s organizing to build rural health clinics and the role they are playing in the to-date successful pandemic response in Rwanda.

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