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Rwanda: PICO supporting vigorous government measures to address the pandemic

There are 104 reported cases in Rwanda on April 5.[i] Early on, the government ordered strong measures to prevent spread of the virus including rigorously enforced stay at home orders, border closings, travel restrictions, and health practices.. The country appears to be engaging in contact tracing, to identify people who came in contact with those who are infected, one of the most important steps for slowing the spread of the virus. Public health nurses, including PICO Rwanda leaders, have taken the prevention message to rural villages. Mumeya and Rusumo clinics, which were the built as a result of local organizing campaigns, are providing continuing services to those with critical health needs. Pastor John and Fr. Innocent are staying in touch with clergy and leaders across Rwanda through WhatsApp to reinforce best practices and look out for families with the greatest need. The risk to Rwanda is high, and the poorest will certainly suffer because they don’t have access to regular work. The government will provide food to 20,000 of the poorest families. We ask for your continued prayers for the staff, leaders and people of PICO Rwanda in their public health efforts to prevent crisis like those occurring in the United States and other wealthy countries. We may have a lot to learn from a country that survived a genocide 25 years ago and is learning how to work together for the common good.


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