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After 15 years, El Llano community will have their main road fixed

COFOA leaders from Saint Teresa Parish hosted a community celebration to mark the commitment by the Mayor, Morena Marvin de Canales, to begin repair of the main road in El Llano. The city’s investment of $140,000 will improve nearly a mile of road. This small community has worked for the road to be improved for 15 years. At the celebration, leaders thanked Bishop Bolaños and the Santiago Nonualco mayor for their support. Bishop Bolanos remarked, “Thirty years ago this could not be done because people were not allowed to gather as community.” He gave thanks to martyrs like Bishop Romero who gave their lives to make this possible. He also told leaders, “COFOA unleashes an active faith – a faith that builds community and now builds roads.” Mayor Morena expressed her desire to continue work with COFOA leaders in El Llano.

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