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Community dialogue promotes safety in San Juan Tepezontes

Over the past month, COFOA leaders in San Juan Tepezontes have organized two large events to foster dialogue across generations, provide community education and build community cohesion. One event involved more than 180 students and 150 parents, who attended seminars about drug prevention. The second event brought together 50 leaders of all ages who talked about the central role of family in building community, and practiced community building exercises to promote dialogue and respect and build a sense of trust across generations. These sessions are part of COFOA’s “Dialogue and Strategy Table” effort to bring institutions into the powerful relationship needed to prevent violence. Training was provided by civic and faith institutions – the Mayor’s office, Family Court, Institute for Drug Prevention, Caritas, San Juan Evangelista Parish – and supported by the schools in San Juan Tepezontes. COFOA leaders believe that a unified community is the best way to prevent the violence which is forcing too many young people to join gangs or flee the country. The commitment to finding solutions together creates hope for a better future.

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