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Amazing Progress on the Health Clinic in Rusumo

Rusumo leaders are making rapid progress in realizing their vision for a community health clinic. The foundation is complete, the walls are going up, and the clinic will be finished by years’ end. The clinic will provide education, family planning, and treatment for AIDs/HIV, malaria, and other diseases for 17,000 people in the community.

Rusumo is the newest member of the PICO-Rwanda family. Ten years ago, people built a small clinic that government officials took for another use. Leaders have secured commitments from 5000 community members to provide funds and have organized 300 people who are providing labor to build the new clinic. They negotiated with government leaders to secure land, gathered 14 tons of stones, cleared the ground, and laid the foundation for the clinic.

Local support is being matched by a generous donation by Jack and Karen Taggart to pay for bricks, mortar, and roofing. Even more important, the Taggarts recognize the need to financially support Pr. John as he trains leaders to build community, organize their labor and money, and exercise power to leverage government investment.

You can be a partner too! Donate now to help other PICO serve more Rwandan communities.

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