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COFOA leaders fight to make El Salvador safe, prosperous, home.

“We have been fighting for many years for legal deeds to our property. Thanks to organizing, our families now have real titles to their homes. We know we can raise our voice, demanding safety, jobs and education so that our Salvadoran brothers won’t have to migrate to the United States or other places.” Yessenia Escobar

Yessenia is a young COFOA leader from La Galilea. She and her community took on a fight with corrupt corporations to claim legal titles to their homes. After two years of community meetings, protests, and actions, leaders forced elected representatives to pass needed legislation. Now, Yessenia and her neighbors can call their houses HOME.

Seeing their example, six other communities have launched a similar campaign to secure deeds. This month more than 100 more people demonstrated in front of Argoz, the corporation that fraudulently sold land without proper titles. COFOA leaders are fighting to make El Salvador their home.  Your support now will help Yessenia and COFOA staff continue this work. Read more here about COFOA’s work.

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