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El Salvador: COFOA leaders like Heidi are fighting for housing dignity

“A year ago, the Minister of Housing said that many of us would get our deeds. Only one-hundred-fifty families out of six thousand have seen results. We all paid for our homes. We all deserve dignity. We all deserve justice. We will not stop. We will take more action.” – Heidi Zelaya de Henriquez

Heidi was a shy mom who got involved with COFOA two years ago. Now she is leading demonstrations at the President’s palace and government offices and acting as a primary spokesperson for COFOA’s RENACER Campaign

We celebrate the families who have won clear title to their homes. We support Heidi and the hundreds of other COFOA leaders who will file a law suit next week demanding justice from corrupt developers. We celebrate with thousands more COFOA leaders who secured funds this year for schools, clinics and streets, access to water and electricity and much more. We stand with Heidi and COFOA leaders who will continue their national fight for water, education, jobs and the environment.

You can make a donation to support leaders like Heidi who are organizing for lasing change in 140 communities across El Salvador. Your gift will be matched.

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