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EL SALVADOR: Preparing for elections.

Democracy will be on the ballot in El Salvador when voters go to the polls in February. Although barred by the Constitution, President Nayib Bukele is running for re-lection and moving ahead with plans to reduce the number of legislators and mayors to centralize his control over the country.

As COFOA organizes for schools, clinics, road, water and other development in the most neglected communities in the El Salvador, and continues to fight for land rights, the organization is also preparing for next year’s elections. Grassroots leaders are gathering to reflect on the principles of democracy, analyze proposed changes in political structures, and develop strategies to increase voter participation and elevate their people’s platform.

COFOA’s platform will call for new land rights legislation, transparent use of taxes for public investment in water, schools, health care and other community needs, and creating an unemployment compensation system. COFOA will back up its platform with candidate forums, a voter education and turnout campaign, and training for grassroots leaders to serve as election observers.

President Bukele is extremely popular as a result of a massive gang crackdown, which has swept up many innocent people. COFOA understand that El Salvador’s development does not depend on the power of one man, but on the participation and sacrifice of regular people motivated by their faith and belief in a better future.

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