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GUATEMALA: Democracy is hanging by a thread

With democracy hanging by a thread, indigenous communities are leading nation-wide protests to allow President-elect Bernardo Arévalo to take office on January 14. The Root Causes Initiative, grassroots organizations and religious leaders from Central America, Mexico and the U.S is pushing the U.S. and other countries to do more to support the struggle for democracy in Guatemala.

To build support for financial sanctions against the corrupt politicians and business interests trying to overturn election results, a delegation led by Guatemalan Cardinal Álvaro Ramazzini and El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz traveled to Washington, DC to meet with high-level officials at the White House and State Department. Last week, Nely Cuj, a young indigenous organizer with Communities of Faith Organizing for Action (COFOA), Bishops Domingo Buezo and Rodolfo Valenzuela, President of the Guatemalan Catholic Bishops joined a large international Zoom call with Guatemalan diaspora leaders and friends to encourage and motivate more people to stand with Guatemala at this pivotal point.

You can add your voice by signing this petition to President Biden and Vice President Harris.

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