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Ghana: FAITH in Ghana Alliance begins building local multi-faith alliances in ten regions across the country.

At a May meeting in Rome with Pope Francis and Cardinal Czerny, FAITH in Ghana Alliance coordinator, Zan Akologo reported, “For us one-on-one LISTENING has become our DNA and modus operandi! It has helped our Actors to develop a deeper understanding of the context and social dynamics in rural communities. Locals say that they feel valued and respected when Multifaith Actors come into their households and other social rendezvous to hear their stories. It was very energizing for me personally to hear His Eminence Michael Cardinal Czerny speak at the Caritas gathering in Rome, with such depth of passion and conviction, about LISTENING.”

Since, teaming up with Faith in Action International, Muslim, Protestant, Catholic and traditional faith leaders have gathered at the national and regional level to learn, practice and launch listening campaigns in villages across the country. This effort to transform a successful top-down advocacy organization into bottom-up grassroots multi-faith movement is being led by a volunteer teams of faith leaders, within eight religious bodies, and ten regional multi-faith alliances.

You can see more about these amazing FAITH in Ghana Alliance on their new website.

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