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Rwanda: Grassroots leaders launch expansion campaign

Thirty-eight grassroots leaders from across Rwanda gathered in Rusumo for two days to map out plans to grow their successful organizing efforts across Rwanda, starting in Kirehe District. They moving ahead with hiring four veteran leaders Ezra Nkubana, Poline Usabyemeza, Specioza Dusengiman, and Pastor Mukama Eddy Santos as organizers to build leadership teams in dozens of new villages. beyond the 43 villages presently organized.

Now that COVID isolation is ending, leaders committed to reinvigorate the organizing cycle of one-on-ones, research, action and reflection and gather in a monthly country-wide leadership session to report on local progress and grow into a national organization. Experience with strong partnerships with local, regional, and national political and faith leaders creates opportunities to break the traditional NGO model of delivering projects and grow a movement empowering grassroots leaders and communities.

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