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Protecting Guatemala’s “New Spring”

The Root Causes Initiative organized a delegation of faith leaders from the United States, Mexico, and Honduras to accompany the people of Guatemala in their struggle for democracy, human rights, and the rule of law during the second round of national elections in 2023.

From August 17 to August 22, the delegation accompanied local community members and religious and civic leaders to understand the social and political landscape; and visited polling stations in areas of Guatemala City and in the Department of San Marcos to get a sense of whether the elections were being conducted fairly and transparently. In addition, national delegates registered as observers before the Supreme Electoral Tribunal observed polling stations to ensure ballots were cast freely and according to the Guatemalan electoral law.

The report makes recommendations for supporting Guatemala’s newly elected government against the threats it faces.

Learn more: Report From the Root Causes Initiative International Delegation to Accompany Faith and Civil Leaders During the Second Round of Presidential Elections in Guatemala

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‘It’s a beautiful moment’: Accompanying Guatemala’s historic election, Joseph Fleming and Jesús de la Torre, National Catholic Reporter, September 11, 2023

¿Llegará el Presidente electo de Guatemala a su investidura?, Úrsula Roldán and Jesús de la Torre, El Grand Continent, September 16, 2023


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