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Haiti: Lifting Values And Sustaining Life In A Time Of Crisis

Haiti: Lifting values and sustaining life in a time of crisis

“After this training we realize that we still have many deep values. The country is in such bad shape because we had lost some of these values. We will now apply our values to uplift the country.” – Caracol President

Many of you are reading about the growing political unrest in Haiti. Thousands are taking to the streets in Port au Prince to protest corruption and demand removal of the President. How are ordinary people responding to this political paralysis and economic collapse that makes life so challenging? In the Northeast, OPODNE staff have been gathering leadership teams in all 11 rural communities for training and dialogue about their situation. For the past year, they have lifted up the principle, “Corruption is the enemy of Development”. Now training focuses on the values of community, transparency, and accountability for individuals, institutions and government. Read more here. For OPODNE, values are more than words. They are cooperative actions that sustain everyday life through this crisis.

OPODNE cooperatives are alive and well and helping hundreds of families survive in eight communities. In Capotille, leaders are building a pond to start a fish farm after drought wiped out their banana crop. In Mont Organise, leaders are expanding their goat-breeding project even though drought killed this year’s pepper crop. In Terrier Rouge, leaders have expanded their wholesale household and restaurant cooperative, even though some goods are no longer available because of inflation. These and five other cooperatives are sharing diminishing profits with coop members and using some funds to start new projects so more people can benefit. Read more here.

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