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Haiti: OPODNE fights hunger and poverty through community organizing 

In March and April 2022, OPODNE surveyed 4,000 farmers in the Northeast Department. In August, three hundred leaders gathered to launch a campaign to revitalize local agriculture and fight hunger. OPODNE is organizing farmers into cooperatives and pushing USAID and international NGOs to provide irrigation equipment, high-quality seeds, tools, and agronomists so farmers in 22 villages can feed their families. Longer-term goals focus on better infrastructure, stable government institutions, and public investment in small-scale farming.

In 2023, OPODNE will press USAID to reorient its development approach to support local farmers. The organization will also formalize its community organizing in the North Department. You can join OPODNE, the Haitian diaspora, and faith leaders in our upcoming “A Way Forward in Haiti” calls aimed at changing United States policy to support civil society efforts to restore security and democracy, redirect aid to local community-led development and strengthen small-scale agriculture.

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