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In Rwanda, the pandemic did not stop grassroots leaders in Nyarubuye from building a new health clinic

“I am amazed at what is happening in my community. Twenty-five years ago, thousands died in the genocide. The pandemic could not stop us. We are united in building this clinic.”- Muteteri Charlotte, PICO Rwanda Leader in Nyarubuye

This year, thousands of Catholic, Protestant and Muslims community members joined Charlotte to build a new health clinic in Nyarubuye that will serve 20,000 people from ten villages. It is the third clinic PICO Rwanda leaders built in rural communities. These clinics are essential hubs for education, testing, tracing and treatment as the COVID pandemic threatens vulnerable communities. PICO Rwanda will not stop until communities across Rwanda have organized their own resources and secured support of the government to meet the needs their people. Click here to support Charlotte and PICO Rwanda.

PICO Rwanda leaders have leveraged more than $4 million in public improvements and services, transforming lives for 120,000 people. Ordinary Rwandans are organizing their own labor and money to build health clinics, schools, roads, and homes; access water and electricity; plant trees; and start businesses.  Conversations are also underway in Ghana and South Africa to launch efforts based on this model of faith rooted organizing.

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