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La Prensa Grafica reports on COFOA action to secure legal deeds for families in El Salvador

They demand to speed up the process of property deeds

Delegates from the Ministry of Housing promised to meet again with those affected next Wednesday, March 30.
People from different departments of the country gathered yesterday outside the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) to demand that the head of Housing, Michelle Sol, give them an answer on the progress of the property deeds of 7,500 families.

On January 13, Sol formed a Technical Committee that, according to the Community of Faith Organized in Action (COFOA), would work to start the process for these families to obtain the public deeds of their property.

The State portfolio signed an agreement with the Attorney General’s Office, with the Attorney General’s Office, with the Consumer Protection Office and with the National Registration Center to form part of the Board. However, more than two months after said meeting, the nearly 7,500 families still do not have answers about the deeds of their properties.

Heidi de Henríquez, leader of COFOA and one of those affected from San Pedro Masahuat, La Paz, assured that they have been waiting for more than 30 years for the deeds of their lands. “We are affected subdivisions, we represent 7,500 families from different departments that until now do not have our legal deed,” she said.

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