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Mother’s Day Message from Florcie

My name is Florcie Tyrell. My husband and I are parents of two teenage daughters. It is hard being a woman – and a mom – in Haiti. We have to work very hard to help our families survive. I worry a lot about my girls. Will they be safe? Will they get a good education? Will they be respected?

In Northeast Haiti, there aren’t many opportunities such as jobs that we can count on that will improve living conditions. But I have been determined to find a way. When I got involved with PICO three years ago, I learned that communities can figure out for themselves what they need to do to improve their lives. I believe this is what my girls need. I believe this is what the people of Haiti need.

Now I work for PICO. I travel all over the Northeast to meet with groups of leaders who are learning how to improve their own lives through PICO training. Sometimes it takes me a half a day to get up the rough mountain roads to meet with farmers. Some walk four hours just for the chance to plan and work together. We are making progress, organizing peanut, sorghum, chicken and fishing co-ops. We are fixing roads, planting trees and cleaning up trash. Women and men are working together as equals. I am determined to make PICO work. My girls need it. My community needs it. Haiti needs it.

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