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Mother’s Day Message from Specioza

My name is Dusegimana Speciose. I live in Mumeya, Rwanda, with my husband and family. Five years ago we adopted a little girl. Her mom died in childbirth just before our community finished our health clinic. Working with PICO, we decided building our own clinic was the most important thing we could do. Mothers and children in our region had to travel long distances if they needed health care, and many died – and a lot of children were sick from malaria or malnutrition. Before PICO, we never thought we could change our lives. PICO taught us how to talk to each other and get everyone involved. We named our little girl Pico to honor what PICO means to us.

I am proud to be a leader with PICO Rwanda. Together, we have built a road, a clinic, a community center and a school. We were able to get public officials to bring us electricity and running water for the villages. Now I am helping train people in Nyange and Rusumo. They are building their own houses and their own clinic. This cooperation between people who have decided to take action for the good of the whole community is giving us a new family.

Watch this video from women in Nyange that Specioza is training. 

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