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Multi-faith religious leaders prepare for high-stakes national election in Ghana

The FAITH in Ghana Alliance is planning to bring the voices and interests of local communities into Ghana’s national elections scheduled for December 7, 2024. Only five percent of government revenue is allocated to local development, and residents have little say over the appointment of local government officials. FAITH in Ghana plans to increase the number of communities where it is supporting grassroots organizing from 18 to 30, and to make the local development a key part of its national election platform. Muslim, Pentecostal, Mainline Protestant, and Catholic religious leaders have played a key role in protecting Ghanaian democracy over the past decade. Adding demands around investment in education, health, and development and local decision-making represents a new chapter for faith communities in Ghana. We’ll keep you up-to-date as the organizing in Ghana evolves this year.  FAITH in Ghana Alliance, representing the country’s prominent Muslim, Catholic, Pentecostal, and Mainline Protestant religious bodies realizes how crucial it is to strengthen their democracy. FAITH in Ghana is building dozens of regional and local multi-faith alliances across Ghana where people are identifying development priorities and negotiating investment in their communities to make the country’s commitment to decentralization and community-led development real. In a region where democracy is under stress, multi-faith organizing brings thousands of people into efforts to increase social investment in health and education. It reduces the risk of bad actors using religion to manipulate and polarize society. It’s an approach that other countries can follow to ensure that religion is a source of unity and social progress, rather than division.


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