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Rwanda: Leaders sustain community work in 2022 and provide seeds for more organizing across Africa

In 2022, PICO Rwanda leaders from seven districts applied their learning and experience to protect the environment, build roads and schools, sustain new health clinics, and teach others to organize. Pastor John and Fr. Innocent took these lessons to support new efforts in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, and South Africa. At the end of the year, leaders from these countries gathered to reflect on their learning and map their path forward.

In 2023 PICO Rwanda leaders will take up new development projects in each of their local communities. As leader-organizers, they also committed to reaching new communities so more people can prioritize their needs, organize their own resources, and make grassroots participation a growing reality in Rwanda and beyond.

In Ghana, the FAITH in Ghana Alliance is beginning local organizing in ten regions across the country, to address issues of access to clean water, jobs for young people, and illegal mining.

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