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Central America: COFOA’s continued growth in 2022 lays the foundation for even more impact in 2023

In 2022, COFOA expanded its work to ten of the fourteen departments in El Salvador and launched organizing in Guatemala and Honduras. Thousands of grassroots leaders from 150 communities prioritized local needs and secured investment in schools, clinics, roads, and clean water. They continued to press their campaign to achieve national land reform so 350,000 families who were defrauded by developers receive clean titles to their homes.

In 2023, COFOA will bring leaders together from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala in August to learn and plan together. COFOA is working with religious leaders and grassroots organizations across Central America, Mexico, and the U.S. to lead the Root Causes Initiative to change the underlying conditions that drive people to leave their homes. During the coming year, we are planning many opportunities for people from across the region to press the U.S. Government for policies that promote grassroots democracy and local investment in Central America.

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