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Rwandan Public Officials Commit to PICO Rwanda Mumeya Leaders to Complete the Health Clinic Now

In February, Mumeya leaders received an invitation from Senate President Dr. Ntawukuliryayo Jean Damascene to attend a meeting with them and discuss the government’s commitments to complete the health center.  Ten Mumeya leaders, along with Nyange new leaders, held an accountability session with Dr. Damascene in his office.

In this meeting, Mumeya leaders achieved the following agreements:

  1. Dr. Damascene donated FRW 1,000,000 to the health center.
  2. He agreed to collaborate with the local government and the Mayor of Kirehe, to insure construction of the remaining health center rooms by June 2012.
  3. He will make sure that the local government and mayor of Kirehe fulfill their promise for water access and electricity in Mumeya before the end of 2012.

PICO Rwanda leaders in Mumeya have accomplished a great victory – and it has been through determination and commitment that they were able to achieve this level of government support.

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