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The power of relationships leads to exploration of organizing in Ghana and Namibia

As a result of long time Lutheran relationships, Pastor John was invited by the Director of Community Development for the Lutheran Church of Namibia, Pastor Neliwa Gerson, to meet with church leaders at former resettlement sites in the country. Lutheran leaders welcomed the idea of exploring the opportunity to organize Namibian parishes. Namibia has a population of about 2.5 million. Nearly 800,000 are Lutherans served by 124 parishes.

In addition, Faith in Action U.S. staff and clergy have many connections to faith leaders in Ghana. Pastor John, along with Gordon Whitman and Juard Barnes have conducted two exploratory visits at the invitation of leaders from the Ghana Christian Council, Caritas and an interfaith coalition that includes Muslim communities. Planning is underway for a joint training for religious leaders in the fall.

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