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Leaders organize five villages to build new school facilities

With local training in Cihya, a village near Mumeya, leaders there recruited and organized hundreds of villagers who gathered on a monthly basis to construct a new elementary school that will serve xxx children. Previously, children had to walk several kilometers to reach school. These leaders also obtained financial pledges which along with labor were used to leverage financial resources from the government. We are grateful to Luther Place Lutheran Church in Washington D.C. for a financial contribution used to provide doors, windows and roofing. These materials were transported by Pr. John on his trusty green machine and trailer. A committee of Cihya leaders has been formed to improve the environment by planting trees and shrubs before students begin school in the fall.

That’s not all. With the support of PICO Rwanda leader-organizers, people from the five villages surrounding Mumeya also completed construction of three new classrooms to accommodate more students at their secondary schools

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