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The Roof is on the Health Clinic in Rusumo

The roof has been completed at the Rusumo health clinic and it took only a year to build. Filled with energy and a sense of urgency, Rusumo leaders began organizing late last year. More than 3000 villagers identified a clinic as their highest need. They negotiated with the government to secure land and gathered 14 tons of stones for the clinic foundation. Thanks to the generous support of the Taggart family, construction was completed ahead of schedule.

With equipment and staffing provided by the Rwandan government, the families of Rusumo will have a fully operating clinic early next year that will provide education, family planning, and treatment for AIDs/HIV, malaria, and other diseases. We will celebrate with a grand opening in March 2017! Rusumo is the newest member of the PICO-Rwanda family.

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