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Father’s Day Salute to Alberto, the Founder of PICO in Central America

Alberto Velazquez is the father of three devoted daughters. He is also the father of the PICO organization in Central America, Commuidades de Fe Organizadas para la Accion (COFOA).  Alberto emigrated from Mexico when he was young and discovered organizing because of his deep faith and commitment to social justice. Here is what Alberto says about his experience. Isn’t this what fatherhood is about?

“Greetings to all my friends. Meditating a little bit about our world with all of its disparities and injustice, I wonder why we are so comfortable with all of this. We don’t seem to care about the many problems we see – violence, greed, corruption. We don’t seem to be able to practice the Christian commandment to love our neighbor. This aroused my consciousness and is challenging me do something concrete for my neighbors.  That is why I organize. I want to wake others up God’s call for justice.”

Alberto Velazquez studied Philosophy and has worked as an organizer in the PICO Network since the 1990s. He started COFOA organizing in 2008. Since then he has trained hundreds of leaders who lead the valiant work against violence and injustice in El Salvador and Guatemala.

Please consider a donation to PICO-Central America to honor your father.

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