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Father’s Day Salute to Francois, the Founding Father of PICO in Haiti

Francois Pierre Louis is a devoted husband and father of two sons and an adopted daughter. Born and raised in Northeast Haiti, it has been Francois’ dream to return and build a people based organizing effort needed to reinvigorate the struggle for democracy and development. He was in Port au Prince during the 2010 earthquake. He shares some thoughts about his experience that led him to work with others to found OPDNE in 2012. Isn’t this what fatherhood is about?

“It was shocking to be in Haiti during the earthquake. People were left with nothing, but first thing I noticed was how people came together to help one another. It was like a family. They spontaneously organized. They came together as one to help each other. We recognized that we are powerless as individuals, but together we can do amazing things. The biggest problem we encounter is poor governance. Resources are not getting to people. I feel strongly that we need to put the money in the hands of local communities and let them make decisions about what is good for their families.”

Francois Pierre-Lois, PhD, is Associate Professor of Political Science at Queens College, CUNY. He worked as a community organizer in Haiti and the US and served in the private cabinet of President Aristide in 1991 and as an advisor to Prime Minister jacues Eduard Alexis in 2007-2008. He provides training to clergy, leaders and staff of OPODNE who are building powerful organizations in 13 communities in the Northeast Department.

Please consider a donation to PICO-Haiti to honor your father.

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