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In Rwanda, leaders are empowering new communities to shape their own future.

“I have never ever experienced such training, where ordinary people mingle with the Mayor in the training led by ordinary persons like Specioza. Back in my district I see the Mayor leading meetings with high ranking officials and business-men…Also, it’s my first time to see a Catholic priest working together with a Protestant pastor” – Nyamata leader

This year, Specioza and leaders from Mumeya trained community, church and government leaders who are building new organizations in five surrounding villages. They have already built two new schools and have plans far another health clinic and a grain-buying cooperative.

Since Pastor John began organizing 12 years ago, Rwandans organizing with Faith in Action International have leveraged more than $2 million in public improvements and services, transforming lives for 120,000 people. Their work together is part of a larger vision for Rwandans to rebuild their country from the ground up. Ordinary Rwandans are organizing their own labor and money to build health clinics, schools, roads, and homes; access water and electricity; plant trees; and start businesses.

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