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Rusumo leaders organize money and churches to advance clinic and water projects

Trained by Jackie and Malindogo, Rusumo leaders did outreach to community members to secure financial pledges to purchase the community clinic they built two years ago. Because of the government decision to allow privatization of some clinics, Rusumo leaders decided that it was best to purchase and operate the clinic as a cooperative to insure quality services. They have received commitments by the government to facilitate this process. This same outreach engaged leaders in the campaign to secure the government’s commitment to bring water to the clinic and surrounding village. Using local labor for construction and securing some local funding to maintain services, leaders have obtained commitments for pipes and equipment. Construction should begin this fall.

This outreach has engaged clergy from the large Catholic Parish and the local Mosque who are expressing strong interest in both these projects. The PICO Rwanda leadership, comprised of several Catholic, Adventist, Lutheran and Muslim leaders is modeling interfaith cooperation that is rarely seen in Rwanda.

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