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Mumeya Leaders Train 500 People Seeking To Empower Their Communities

Mumeya Leaders Train 500 People Seeking to Empower Their Communities

Specioza, along with three other Mumeya leaders – Ezra, Poline and Damascent, were recently elected to the Kirehe District Economic Development Council that provides advice on development expenditures. The Mayor was so impressed by the work of these PICO leaders in building their clinic, disease prevention center, school, community center and bringing electricity to Mumeya that he asked them to train others. Specioza led a training session teaching the PICO model to 500 people. The first thing on their agenda was to press government officials to fulfill their promise to bring water to Mumeya and the surrounding villages. Community funding and labor are in place to make this a reality in the near future. Specioza, Ezra, Poline, Damascent and other Mumeya core leaders began their journey nine years ago with training provided by PICO-Rwanda Director, Pr. John. They have become powerful organizers!

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