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Rwanda: Women Are Playing Central Role In Building Clinics

Rwanda: Women are playing central role in building clinics

“I am amazed at the progress I am seeing in my community. Twenty-five years ago, we were devastated by the genocide. Now we are united in building this clinic. We are ready to do more. ” – Charlotte Muteteri. PICO Rwanda leader

In 2020, Charlotte led 1000 volunteers in Nyarubuye to build a new health clinic. This clinic along with those in Mumeya and Rusumo have been hubs for community outreach, education and treatment for COVID and other diseases. They are also the launching pad for organizing efforts to build schools and roads, supply electricity and water, and unite communities. PICO Rwanda is giving women like Charlotte a chance to stand up, speak out, and become effective leaders.

Government, church and community leaders are asking PICO Rwanda to support grassroots efforts in other parts of the country. We ask you to consider a donation to hire a woman organizer and support a cadre of women leader organizers expand our work into other villages. If you want to learn more and help PICO Rwanda do more, please make a donation now. We will match your gift.

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